Diabetic Diet Menu – Vegetarian Breakfast | Diabetes Recipes

Diabetic Diet Menu – Vegetarian Breakfast | Diabetes Recipes.

Almost everyone in my mother’s family is overweight and has type-2 diabetes. One thing that our family doctor always encourages my mother to do is to eat healthy and control her weight. Excess body fat is one



of the main factors that lead to type-2 diabetes and cause several diabetic complications, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, poor blood circulation, neuropathy and certain types of skin problems.

Avoiding saturated fat by limiting meat consumption and opting for vegetarian dishes a few times a week might be a great idea for diabetic patients who are serious about weight control. Unlike the vegan diet, vegetarian meals may contain certain animal products, such as milk and eggs, which are good sources of protein. So it allows you to lose weight without making you feel like you have to eat a bunch of nuts and seeds like a bird, in order to compensate for the protein you have missed.


To prepare healthy vegetarian breakfast for diabetics is quite simple. There are 3 things to remember: whole grain, fresh fruits and green tea. Oh and there is one other special ingredient: flaxseed. I’ll talk more about these superfoods as we take a look at each sample menu.


The most fundamental thing all diabetic patients should remember is to stay away from refined carbohydrates, found in products like white bread, white rice and refined sugar. These foods get converted into glucose so fast they can cause your blood sugar level to skyrocket. Instead, consume complex carbs from fresh fruits and whole grain products to stabilize your blood sugar level. Also, make sure your cereal is sugarless. Having whole grain cereal loaded with sugar wouldn’t be a proper diabetic diet plan.


Oatmeal is another great source of complex carbs. Ask any diabetes experts and they’ll all agree that oatmeal is highly beneficial for diabetics. With a low glycemic index, oatmeal doesn’t turn into sugar so quickly, and thus prevents diabetics from experiencing a sugar rush. High in fiber, it keepsour stomach feelingfull for a long time and doesn’tlead to anenergy slump. However, not all types of oatmeal are equally nutritious. For diabetics, the old-fashioned oatmeal is more recommended. Unfortunately, the instant oatmeal isn’t as diabetic-friendly.


This menu is higher in calories than the others, but still healthy compared to a traditional breakfast with fatty bacon and fluffy pancakes. End the meal with a cup of hot or iced green tea, and get ready to enjoy your morning. Drinking green tea is like killing two birds with one stone. It helps stabilize your blood sugar levels, and at the same time, promotes weight loss by accelerating your metabolism.


For those of you who usually have a small appetite in the morning, try making a breakfast smoothie and bring it with you on the way to work. You can drink it in your car, on the subway or even while walking. Breakfast smoothies are convenient, tastyand nutritious. These are a few healthy recipes I know. All you have to do is mix the ingredients in a blender until smooth.


  • Strawberry-Banana Smoothie: 1 package soft tofu (10.5 oz), 1 large banana, 1 cup fresh strawberries, 1 cup apple juice


  • Banana-Orange Smoothie: 1 large banana, 1 medium orange (peeled and sliced), 1/2 cup soy milk, 1/2 low-fat vanilla yogurt


  • Oatmeal Smoothie: 3/4 cup cooked old-fashioned oatmeal, 1 cup low-fat milk, 1 large banana, 1 cup low-fat coffee yogurt.


Recent studies have found that flaxseed can help lower blood sugar and increase insulin levels. However, there haven’t been adequate medical statistics to confirm that. My mother and my friend, Gwen, both have been regularly consuming flaxseed oil. Gwen’s blood sugar has gotten better and accordingly her doctor has lowered the dosage of her diabetes medications. But as for my mother, her diabetes symptoms have not improved much. So flaxseed might not work for everyone with diabetes, but at least, it is worth a try. Besides promoting better blood sugar control, it is also believed to help prevent heart disease due to its high content of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

To use flaxseed in your breakfast, simply add 1 – 2 tbsps. of ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil to your cereal, oatmeal or breakfast smoothies. (Don’t use flaxseed oil in cooking; it tends to burn easily.) One bad thing about flaxseed is that it’s a bit high in calories, so try to consume it in moderation.


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